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May 20, 2022

When we speak of roof repairs you automatically think of damaged shingles but the soffit, eaves and gable overhangs are often one of the first areas to be in need of repair in a home. These areas are the most exposed to the elements and once damaged by wind and rain or snow, they allow easy access to birds, squirrels and insects.

The soffit and fascia run along the bottom of your roof system and work together to provide protection and ventilation to the attic. Soffit and fascia also provide a visually pleasing transition from the face of your home to the roof deck, enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Eavestrough is your home’s rain water control solution, diverting the water away from your foundation. Having proper eavestrough around your home ensures that moisture doesn’t pool and damage your property. Adding a leaf guard system to your eavestrough stops debris in the eaves system which can cause draining issues. A leaf guard system also makes the eavestrough stronger so that snow and wind can do less damage.

Replacing an old wooden and plastic system with new aluminium eaves, soffit and fascia ensures added value to your home as this system will last much longer and requires far less maintenance. Some home insurance companies will not even insure homes that do not have a proper system in place.

GBS Contracting Inc is an expert when it comes to soffit, fascia and eavestrough. Our installers have over 30 year’s experience so call us for your free estimate today!

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