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Kim Jennings

Mar 20, 2022

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Water damage has now surpassed fire damage in Ontario home insurance claims. Home insurance in Muskoka has risen exponentially since the flooding in the area this past spring. Water damage is expensive to repair and the loss of personal items that cannot be replaced is not something anyone wants to suffer through. Make sure that you have read your home owners insurance policy to know what you are covered for before you require it.

GBS Contracting Services Inc would like to offer some tips on preventing water damage in and around your home or cottage.

Inside your home or cottage you can avoid water damage by checking pipes and hoses in the basement and to appliances, making sure that you pipes are protected from freezing in the winter. Hot water tanks have a life span of 10 years and should be maintained regularly. Monitoring your water usage and checking water pressure is another way to check for leaks that are not easily detected. Installing a sump pump will prevent flooding in the basement when water levels are high. Know where your main water shut of is and check it regularly to ensure it is working properly.

Outside your home you can prevent any flooding by disconnecting water hoses and storing them for the winter and drain any outdoor water taps. Clean your gutters and downspouts to allow water to flow. Inspect the foundation of your home regularly and seal any cracks. Remove standing snow or water from your home’s foundation and clean and shovel window wells. During the winter monitor the snow on the roof of your home as build up can lead to leaks that will affect the interior and exterior. Adding attic insulation or a heat line can prevent ice damming.

Have a professional take care of any items that require specialized maintenance and always make safety your priority!

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