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Inspecting your property in the winter

May 4, 2022

Well, it is winter and everything is tucked away and we’ve hunkered down to wait out ole man winter. Just because its winter doesn’t mean you can ignore what’s happening on your property.

Here are a few things you might want to consider:

Inspect your property especially if it’s the cottage. Winter break-ins can be very costly. Not only for the stolen goods but also the property damage caused by snow and rain blowing in the broken door or window left by the thieves. An inspection of your property and tracks around the buildings also tells would be thieves that you are paying attention and to go elsewhere.

An inspection could also reveal a bird has broken your window and the snow is blowing in all winter not to mention something decaying on the inside all winter.

Check your roof for hot spots. Areas that are not insulated properly will melt sooner and expose the shingles indicating heat loss.

Ice buildup in your eaves trough indicates there could be a ventilation problem

Inspect your ceilings. Leaks caught now can be mean significant savings rather than being discovered after the spring thaw.

Look for signs of rodents. Droppings or shredded materials mean mice and if left for the winter can mean a much bigger hassle in spring.

GBS Contracting is a full service company able to meet all your year round home and cottage needs.

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