How Do You Know When Its Time To Replace Your Roof?

5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Roof

Although you may not see issues with leaking in your roof now over time the water damage is happening…heres how;


1. Curling Shingles – As a result of age and environment wear. Curling shingles will become more brittle and break off from wind and ice damage.

2. Worn granules on shinlges – Overtime wear and tear and waterfall effect on shinlges tend to wear down and wash away granuals causing accelertated aging and become weak areas for water leakage.

3. Broken or missing shingles – Obvious physical or weather damage will produce broken or torn off shingles leaving roof exposed to water excess.

4. Damaged Flashing –  Damaged flashing around things like chimney, valley, eves etc. overtime contract and expand leaving cracks in caulking/seals and utlimately detaching making areas for water to flow in.

5. Warped or Buckled Shingles – If shingles are improperly installed  overtime warping and buckling can happen which doesn’t seal down properly. This can also happen in time and weather can eventually tear off these buckled shingles either case allows areas for water to interude.

If your roof is showing any signs of the above 5 things its time to replace your roof. Don’t wait to long as the more time that goes by the more damage gets done. Avoid costly repairs inside your home and safe precious items from being destroyed. We are the professionals to do the job right the first time. Fill out a request for quote form or call us today!